Advent Mass Schedule- December 2017

Advent Mass Schedule- December 2017

St. Theresa Mass Schedule: Due to the lack of priest coverage there will be no Chrsitmas Eve Mass at St. Theresa.

Regular Mass: 12/24/2017 11:00am

Christmas Eve Mass: St. Malachys, Sherburne 4:00pm

Christmas Day Mass: St. Theresa 10:00am; St. Malachys 11:00am

Other Masses in Chenango County include:

Christmas Eve: St. Paul, Norwich-4:00pm, St. Paul, Norwich 4:00pm, Immaculate Conception, Greene 4:00pm, St. John, Baingridge 5:15pm, St. Bartholomew, Norwich 10:00pm

Christmas Day Mass: St. Agnes, Afton 8:30am, St Joseph, Oxford 8:45am, St. Bartholomew 9:00am Immaculate Conception 10:15am and St. Paul 11:00am